Why do the heavy lifting by hand?  EscapeNotes automates the boring and time- consuming work for you.

"10x to 20x faster than doing it any other way", Cap Gemini

Warehouse Engine

  • Migrate 100% of the data (including rich text and attachments) to Microsoft Azure or AWS
  • Google-style full-text search
  • No limit on size or number of users
  • Accurate rendering of the original Notes documents
  • No development of administrative overhead (SaaS)
  • Data not "locked away": open interface permits integration or porting to other systems (e.g. SalesForce, SharePoint or SAP)
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Direct Engine

  • Automated creation of Custom Objects and VisualForce pages that mimic the old Notes forms
  • Data cleansing through definition of pre- and post-migration scripts
  • Flexible SalesForce to Notes field mapping and transformation
  • Open-source back-end RDBMS storage for results (Notespedia™)
  • Moves 100% of the data (including rich text and attachments) to SalesForce
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Do you really have time to look into each application's documentation (there is documentation, right?), talk to business users (assuming you can find them), figure out the real usage and dissect the technical features?  Automation is the key.

Assessment Engine

  • Discover and analyze entire IBM Domino® servers at once
  • Retrieve information about each design element, including the Notes code
  • Get a Complexity Score for Notes databases (the "FICO" score)
  • Heads-up data about potential tripwires ("Notes-isms")
  • Detailed information on activity, ownership and similarities
  • Industrial-strength, designed to reliably process thousands of apps
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Synchronization Engine

  • Pick your battles: for phased migration projects, allows you to continue to use dependent Notes apps
  • SalesForce as master, Notes as slave
  • Nothing to install on your Domino server so no performance impact
  • Near real-time performance to avoid delays between the two systems
  • Extensive auditing tools
  • Flexible and easily customised