Our Team 

The vision...Francois G. Koutchouk

Founder. Francois brings his technology savvy with a bottom line drive to all the company's efforts.  As part of the very early team on Lotus Notes®, pre-version 1 (sharing office space with Ray Ozzie, ex CTO of Microsoft), he stayed until version 4 before assisting Steve Jobs at NeXT with their groupware endeavor.

With a complete understanding of the way Lotus Notes was built from day one, Francois gives AD an advantage in the technology but also in the best use of technology in business practices.   He shares that knowledge as an author of reference books, consultant to large organizations and architect of a wide variety of applications on diverse platforms.

Very few people in the world have AD's deep hands-on knowledge of the "ecosystem" of Notes, from its byzantine politics to its bizarre coding techniques.   That's why AD has been on "go-to" list of some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies.   But also on the go-to list of software publishers trying to understand the meaning of Notes, such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco.

In hundreds of organizations -- some of the largest in the world, and through thousands of applications that his team built, he now believes that Notes has become "all it can be" and cannot be taught new tricks.   It is time for a transition, identifying the good and the bad.   And that all that there is good, applications and data, should be preserved and migrated to its closest related cousin, the SalesForce platform.

It takes Francois' and his team's deep knowledge and maturity in Notes to efficiently and safely lead an "intervention".  EscapeNotes is at the unique crossroad of experience and reality.

Francois deeply believes that, at the end, it is the application that matters.

The market...Athena A. Perlmutter

VP of Business Development. Athena brings over a decade of successfully selling Lotus Notes to the largest corporate accounts of the New York and Silicon Valley areas -- in an environment of intense competition.  As a Lotus and then IBM employee she perfected the concept of reaching out to the line of business with measurable solutions while keeping CIOs focused on governance and ROIs.

IBM rewarded her repeatedly for her top 5% record of strong achievements including cross-industry business development, account management, territory management and team management.   Athena remains uniquely adept at crafting strategic and tactical solutions that address a wide range of concrete business, technology, sales and marketing challenges.

Following her tenure at Lotus/IBM she became the CEO of several small businesses, gaining a reputation for cross cultural appreciation, an ability to build/maintain valuable business relationships, creating competitive value and establishing/growing market share.   

It takes Athena's wide knowledge of why customers acquired Notes to start with to safely lead them out of Lotus Notes.  EscapeNotes is all about understanding value to best preserve it moving forward.

Athena deeply believes that, at the end, it is all about users getting their work done effectively, not talking about technology.

The technology...Hoang Vu

Architect. Hoang brings almost 20 years of Lotus Notes development experience, leading teams of the engineers through many of the top corporate and commercial implementations of Lotus Notes apps around the world.

He is the architect and remains the technical mastermind of the 12 year-old engine powering the analytics of EscapeNotes, used trusted by companies like Monsanto, AEP, American Express, MetLife, Lemark, M&M and Fireman’s Fund.  Hoang successfully directed some of the most challenging migration of Notes applications to other platforms including RDBMS and J2EE.

Hoang is the architect and remain responsible for the (low) maintenance of Citigroup’s nationwide warehouse, inventory and procurement custom ERP system without which the flow between the bank and the outside world would come to an end.   As architect of Citigroup’s Private Banking secure messaging and workflow system he once again demonstrated his unique ability to design and build highly scalable and trusted systems.

It takes Hoang deep experience in building systems that scale without breaking to ensure customers that no matter what Lotus Notes throws at them (and the variety is spectacular), EscapeNotes will handle it.

Hoang deeply believes that, at the end, a half-baked solution might be worse than no solution when it comes to software.

In 2014 TaDah Corp acquired the assets of Atlantic Decisions, Inc. a 17 years old collaboration services consulting firm.

Atlantic Decisions has tackled the most difficult applications and delivered the simplest solutions.  Hundreds of thousands of users experience those solutions daily, from home banking to 911 emergency calls.  The motto "technology is not a religion -- seeing is believing" was passed on to TaDah Corp.  We remain relentlessly focused on deliverables, the applications.   No fuzzy consulting.  No reselling software.  No lining up customer cubicles with transient laborers.  No nickel and dime change control.

EscapeNotes is the main offering of TaDah Corp. The only independent Lotus Notes application assessment and point-to-point migration engine.  Move to the cloud.  

TaDah R&D is at the intersection of software and hardware. With a history in electronic controls and associated low-level software, TaDah now builds internet of things (IoT) devices and software that interface to big-data apps, permitting sales, marketing and service decisions based on real data, not statistical noise.

Advisory Team

Dr. Ron Miller, M.D., former Geriatrics Clinic Director, Yale University
Dr. Beth Halbert, PsyD
Dr. Daniel Vinsonno, PhD, École Polytechnique, France
Dr. Jonah Levy, PhD, MIT, tenure Professor Social Sciences, U.C. Berkeley