Our Clients

A Who's Who List of Clients

We thank the following customers for supporting us in our first 14 years in business:

3Com, Bechtel, Citi, Earthlink, Electricity of France, Epson, Gap, Gateway, HP, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Marriott, New York Times, Reuters, Nortel, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Sun (now Oracle), Texaco, United Nations World Food Programme, US Marines,  Verizon.

But we've also had the privilege of serving many smaller organizations with the same level of attention, including: PowerPhone for letting us build 911 software that saves lives daily around the world, 4Spires for allowing us to learn Force by building a native app certified in record time and Streamlike for showing us that performance and reliability in software must be earned with every line of code.

Why references matter

Very few organizations have our expertise with Lotus Notes®. None have built a dedicated analysis and migration engine over the last 10 years.