Getting off Lotus Notes® has never been easier

Good news:  with EscapeNotes™, your virtual Notes expert has arrived, and it speaks your language...

  • No Notes documentation, no Notes admin, no Notes developer, not even an application owner?  No problem.
  • Discover everything about your Notes apps data and design: automatically in minutes, not weeks.
  • No middleware, no weird setup (ODBC, anyone?) or exports (CSV?!).  Easy setup, follow the wizards.
  • Unique complexity index (the "FICO" score of Notes apps since 1999) and unique compatibility alerts in other platforms: find out potential business or technical issues on day one.
  • Warehouse everything, including rich text, attachments and the kitchen sink.  Or easily pick and choose what to move over and where.
  • Build the schema and most of the UI automatically.

Bad news: procrastination is over . . . There is a program for any situation.

Licensing and Services

Software and services pricing is very simple.


  • One low fee per app assessed
  • One low monthly lease for the Archiving engine (to Azure only)
  • One low monthly lease for the Migration engine (to Salesforce only)
  • One low monthly lease for the Synchronization engine (from Salesforce only)


Limited availability of world-class Notes experts with a focus on high speed / high volume rationalization and migration.

  • Decision Room (up to 10 days) flat fee, includes training on the EscapeNotes migration methodology.
  • Outsourced operation of the EscapeNotes engines (high volume environments).
  • Monthly fee for normalization, data cleansing, Notes reverse-engineering, object mapping and other Notes expertise.

Call or email for details

We are a highly specialized team. We partner with service organizations that can line up manpower. Some of our partners:  

If your favorite system integrator or consultant is not using EscapeNotes, tell them about EscapeNotes.  You'll appreciate the savings of automation and frankly, they'll appreciate an engine that takes the time-consuming and dreary work out of a migration.

¨ minimum number of Notes databases applies