Experience opens up options

  • Uniquely embeds insights assessing over 1 million databases over 15 years

  • Part of the original Lotus Notes engineering team from the beginning

  • Assessment deliverables include easy-to-use and effective tools
  • Over 1/2 billion records migrated

  • Migrate Notes apps, CRM, help desks, preserve security

  • Archive 100% Notes data in days, not months.  Then search.

  • EscapeNotes removes the need for Notes expertise

Rapid assessments and migrations save time and money

  • EscapeNotes tools and methodology enables quick decision making

  • Deeper analysis in a fraction of the time of any alternative (in days vs. weeks)

  • Identify internal/external dependencies: Notes apps, email, SAP, Office etc.

  • Get the data to finally take action on each Notes database

  • Automated EscapeNotes tools greatly speed up migrations
  • Amazing speed, up to 40,000 Notes documents per hour

Thinking beyond Dollars

What is the business risk (and potential liability) running critical Notes apps without documentation and Notes developers?
Example: at a large bank all direct customer applications for mortgages are supported by a part-time Notes administrator

What is the lost opportunity cost of Notes apps that lag years behind business needs?  
Example: if a Notes app is unmodified for 2 years yet actively used -- is it just perfect or outdated?

What is the cost of losing to competitors due to fragmented key processes and silo-ed data?
Example: a large manufacturer cannot regroup purchases or figure out its top vendors because each country has a slightly different Capital Expenditure app

And now the Dollars

What is the ROI? Click here to calculate how much you can save with the EscapeNotes Assessment and Migration engines.