EscapeNotes will help you assess your Notes estate using the most sophisticated, comprehensive design analysis engine, including complete metadata extraction, analytical tools, and embedding 25+ years of Notes expertise. In a matter of days, you'll understand what’s in those databases, long after the guys who developed them have moved on.


Peel back the layers

Eating it all is beyond the stomach of any CIO.

Eating one slice at the time doesn’t work: apps have unknown interdependencies.

The challenge? Define a manageable subset.

Exploded onion.png

The EscapeNotes Assessment Engine identifies interdependencies, groups similar apps, determines technical tripwires and estimates overall migration complexity.

Decision Room: where the magic happens

In the Decision Room meetings, we'll help you:
- define business and technical rationalization and migration criteria
- prioritize decision factors (size, activity, complexity, etc.)
- define the "framework" to present to all app owners ("how we will decide")
- triage the apps into "remove", "archive" or "migrate"
- define the target platforms for migrating apps
- turn those decisions into an action plan